Face a fail and come out better on the other side.

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When I was a junior developer I was terrified of Git- I feared a wrong action would break the main branch for all the developers and QA, with all the public shame that comes with it.
I was envious of the senior developers, who seemed to know everything and were writing code effortlessly.
As I started to get more familiar with the R&D, I realized that while a senior developer handles Git and syntax easily, she had more significant responsibilities and bigger challenges. …

Programming under pressure and presenting to my management!

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For the next product my company wants to develop, the R&D decided on 2 mini-hackathons. In the first one, we researched technologies and came up with a nice list of options. In the second one, that was today, each of the 4 teams got a product and was asked to create a working Proof of Concept.

In the first hackathon, we were assigned groups randomly, so I got to work with people I don't know at all.

The hackathon was in the same field my company deals with- video and networking solutions…

Go-to commands for networking issues

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Ports are communication endpoints, thus they are the main suspects when we have communication problems.

Recently I was dealing with a bug where client-side failed to reach the server in an application I was running. Since both server and client were third party, I couldn’t change the code directly. I summed up my debug steps and how to troubleshoot such cases, along with examples of my go-to commands.

Check client’s perspective

I first mock a client and see if I can reach the server by running-

telnet 443

telnet is an old school messaging application, famous for its start wars ASCII art…

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None of us choose debug-science as a career. We want to imagine and create, not dwell on the bad and the broken. But in our world, bugs do happen and we do spend time solving them. How much time? Quite a lot actually, up to 75% of our time (according to Coralogix).

How to become a Time Lord // A discussion about Time representation in the digital world

For technical and non-technical readers

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Time is an abstract concept, an idea that should not be tamed. However, we humans try to force our laws on it, breaking time’s spirit into days and hours and then confusing it even further by stating that the time now in Arizona is different than the time In Belgium! …

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